Construction elevators, small freight elevators

Construction elevators

It is the most ideal system for speeding up construction work. Construction elevators, which can be easily disassembled from one facade to another at any time, can be installed in elevator shafts as well as building facades. The ANKA model offers a wide selection of single and double cab lift elevators from 500 kg to 3200 kg. SMS ANKA elevators with high security systems have all kinds of international certificates. It is one of the most distinguished elevators in the world with high production standard, aluminum and stainless steel inner body, hot dipped galvanized columns, schneider and siemens electrical system. Compared to the installation of 2 separate elevators in the same building, SMS ANKA Double Cabin Construction Elevators, which are very cost-effective, allow you to perform many tasks more efficiently in a short time by moving independently in one column. When the number of floors in the buildings under construction increases, it is possible to increase the lifting distance of the construction elevator by 450 m.
 Technical features:         
  • Engine brake
  • Parachute braking system
  • Overload warning system
  • Shock-absorber on the ground against impact
  • Double control system inside the cabin
  • Security keys on the doors
  • Manual release of the engine brakes if necessary
  • Cable guide cart
  • Cabin walls covered with perforated aluminum plate
  • Ramp placed on the side of the opening door for easy unloading of materials
  • The connection distance of elevator column to the building is a maximum of every 9 meters

Small-capacity freight elevators

Small-capacity freight elevators can be used on the construction site to lift heavy loads quickly and reliably from the ground level to a specified height with a single button, to reduce the workload of the tower crane and truck, or to renovate the building after construction.
Tehcnical features:
  • Lifting capacity: 500 kg / 2000 kg
  • Maximum lifting height: 100 m
  • Max size of load platform: 1500*2000 mm
  • Features and advantages:  
  • Təhlükəsiz və asan istifadə
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Fast loading and unloading
  • Independent and efficient operation